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Reflected Mirror

About Us

Welcome to Attire Fazhions where we encourage women to

Dress with Confidence and to Step out in Style.

At Attire Fazhion we are committed to elegance and sophistication.  We believe that women should dress with confidence.

Our pieces are one of a kind and unique because we believe that no two women are the same. Each woman loves to look their best at all times...leaving a fazhion statement.

The conception of Attire Fazhion started in 2022 holding fazhion events and being a blessing to the community

God has increased us and we now have a presence online as Attire Fazhion, bring confidence and style in fazhion to the clothing industry. Attire Fazhion has changed the game.


Our Team.

Our team has charisma, experience in the beauty and fashion industry; technological skills; and a wealth of businesss experience in multiple industries. We too are women who believe in dressing with confidence, style and flare.

Meet The Team

Vintage Fashion

Michelle Reize

I am excited to enhance, empower and encourage our women to dress with confidence.

Business Woman Smiling


I am dedicated to show casing our website, to present Attire Fazhions before women who want to dress with confidence.


 We Support...

We support the 'Save the Children Charity'   A percentage of our proceeds from Attire Fazhion goes to this charity because we believe children are our future. Help us support them.

Save the Children

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